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    Hi all! Showing questions and answers on player devices is a setting you can toggle. Learn more about this here.

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    Hello Kahoot team.

    I agree with this request.

    I have been using Kahoot and users complain because the lack of this feature.


    Please add an optional parameter so I can choose if I want to display (or not) the question in every student/player device.

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    This is the one feature missing to enable us to play and learn together online. Due to the increased traffic in videoconferencing platforms, sometime even the questions and answers are not readable. So PLEASE put the question at the top. It would be even better if the video also plays in the mobile device.

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    I also agree with this feature. It is very difficult for younger children to use two device when on a live video call with the teacher or to switch between tabs on a browser. This feature would not only benefit the current Covid-19 crisis, but would also benefit in the classroom, particularly for students that struggle focusing to and from the teacher screen to a device during a lesson. Having the question on the student screen will benefit considerably.

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