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    Hi all!

    We've been slowly rolling out a new web report that allows end/change challenge deadlines. It is now available to all users.


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    I am having the same problem with Challenges.  I wish I could modify the due date.

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    I wanted to find out how to delete or edit a CHALLENGE. I tried different components of the HOME page. 

    I did find a way to DELETE a CHALLENGE.

    GO to view your REPORTS.  A list of ALL your REPORTS pertaining to each KAHOOT activity opens.  LOOK for the one with the trophy symbol for CHALLENGE. FIND the tiny menu bar for the item to select your desired option.   I selected DELETE to kill the CHALLENGE.  I guess if you wanted to EDIT the CHALLENGE you could DELETE and create the CHALLENGE again.

    Good luck! Hope this will help.


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    That was very helpful. I was able to delete the Challenge through Reports.

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    Editing it would be very helpful. The tip on deleting challenges from the reports is helpful. But it would be even more helpful to delete it from the advanced report so you are sure you are deleting the one with the correct code. We use different settings for different students, so we have more than one challenge for the same kahoot!

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    Does it delete the Challenge, though? My experience was that the Challenge was still accessible after I deleted the Kahoot. It would be nice if Kahoot included a feature to delete it when you click on the list of ongoing challenges. Thank you for your time!

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    This did not work for me it said something went wrong deleting the challenge.  Boo!


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    But, what if you don't want to delete it? You just want to extend the due date? Won't progress be lost if you delete and restart it?

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    I have the same problem. It would be very helpful to have the posibility to edit a challenge.

    I need this option urgent, because I can not see the report until the challenge finishes.

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