What browsers work with Kahoot!?

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    I was getting a complaint about my browser but I am logged in with the most recently patched version of Edge so maybe you need to evaluate how you notify your customers that there is a problem with their browser or actually code your pages to work with the browsers your list.

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    One of my students does not have a smart phone and could not get the game to play on his Macbook Air or his Mac in any browser.  He tried all the browsers.  This is concerning to me.

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    It does NOT work in a browser!

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    As far as I know the trick to make it work in a laptop is to OFF the three opctions they offer. If you set them OFF it works, without a timer and everything, just the basics, but it works.

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    Thanks jcedron this worked for me 

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    I have just worked out that when you assign a challenge, the Personalized Learning needs to be set to OFF for it to work on a desktop. I have just tried and it works!

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