Adjustable image size during play



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    Hi there!

    The size of images can't be scaled. But this is a great suggestion for future development! Please be sure to click the ↑ to the right of your idea in order to submit a vote for this.

    Some things you can try for the moment are:

    • Use the Fullscreen button in the top right of the screen so that your browser frame is hidden, making more room for things to scale larger. Depending on your screen's aspect ratio, this may or may not have much effect. But it's worth trying.

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    This is a common request with different wording and options but we really need it. The user can include picture or media that can be played or shown before the question or after the answer, there is the option to show media, but that media is shown during the answer and we need to add more explanation or to introduce the next topic for the next question with a different image. You can use a power point presentation or similar program, but is not a good experience switching programs. Kahoot works well with a clicker to advance the next question, then we just need an option that will show media in full screen before the next question.

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    Hi!, we really need this! I am switching programs (power point) or adjusting windows of both programs but i need 3 seconds to do that plus the student´s disconfort and complaint...losing the gaming experience 

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    If you would change the user interface for the students, you could put the answer in the box they choose.  This would allow to make the image full size because there wouldn't be any room required for the answers.  The image for a graph problem is fairly useless in a whole class setting.

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    One idea is to add a new option in addition to cropping that would expand the real estate that the expanded image occupies.  This would allow the kahoot developer to define the size of the image on . the kahoot.  Of course the size would not be allowed to overwrite the answer selections or any other material on the win dow.

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    I need this as well. On the answer page, the "show media" button allows for exactly what we need, so you have the programming ability. Just add that button to the question page as well.

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    It's strange that the uploaded image doesn't fill the space allotted for it.  We use a lot of images in our curriculum - the images are too small to be seen in a classroom setting.  PLEASE adjust the settings so that the images will appear larger or may be resized!

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