How many players can join a game?

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    Is it best if all the players are connected on the same wireless network?

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    I have three separate groups of about 30 each that I want to use this app for; but, when I hit play it is showing me the total number of players 90.  How do I separate them:?

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    Hi opponga!

    You should check out our article on testing for connectivity issues. To answer your question, we recommend a mix of wifi and cellular data. When everyone is on the same internet connection, it's possible that lag will become an issue. This is typically not going to be an issue if a small group or class is all on the same connection. But this depends on the bandwidth of your internet service, wifi routers, etc...


    Hi Sixfelines!

    Are you sharing one PIN with all three groups? The PIN identifies the game session they're going to join. You would need 3 separate PINs (denoting 3 active sessions) so that each group is given a unique PIN to join with. You may want to consider hosting challenges for this.

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    buenos días

    Tengo un problema, Cuando doy el pin para que ingresen los jugadores el nombre se repite entre todos, y siempre es el del primero que se anota, osea si tengo 3 jugadores y el primero se agrega como JUGADOR_A todos los demás siguientes por mas que se pongan otro nombre aparecen como JUGADOR_A en la primera pantalla después cuando doy comienzo al juego ya se corrige solo

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    These days I have been encountering an unusual issue. The site does not allow more than three students to join the game. How can I change this?

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    Started a game, then hundreds signed in! My class only has 25. Selections were answered within 1-2 seconds! Not sure what's going on!



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    Someone is using the Kahoot Bot add on. Enable 2 step join and it solves this problem! We had our district block that add on also.

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    what is the game PIN

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    I wanted my group of 21 children to do a kahoot challenge between noon and 3 pm.My intention was for everyone to register with his/her real name and at 3 pm the winners would be known.

    Now it turns out that some of them signed up with an unknown nick and some of them did the challenge several with every time a slightly different name in order to get a higher score.

    Is there a way to throw those "cheaters" out / to "kick" them of the results during or after the challenge? I actually want to disqualify them for this challenge.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.



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    I have the very same question as Andras regarding names! I don't want them to have any option for using nicknames, only their own. Otherwise how do I know who is who, especially while remote learning! I want to be able to use these quizzes to record meaningful results on their progress, but I they must use their real name for that. Any way of assigning a quiz to a list of students that I input myself?? Maybe via Google Classroom? Thanks!

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    I have a free subscription. My daughter has to do a quiz for her class at school and when she tries to finish preparing the quiz by clicking "done" it tells her she needs to upgrade to use advanced features and pay $60!! But she is only using the basic skills... multiple choice answers, very simple typed questions, only one frame where she uploaded a picture. Please advise...

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    I have the same question AndrasD and msallan.  Can you please answer it.  Thank you.

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    I have about 65 students that I want to play one live game with.  I have the basic plan.  Can they all join and play one single game?

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    Hi, I have a group of 500 people to play at the same time and in the same PIN. Is it possible?
    Some of them will play by the app some won't. 

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