Are there any age-based access restrictions?

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    This really is inconvenient.  I'm a teacher and I sometimes assign students to create an original Kahoot with their content and they can't even share it with me.  This should be changed for those who are using an educational domain email address. 

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    I concur with limbruglia's comments that teachers should be enabled to be attached to student accounts to allow students ability to share their work with us.  That would be fantastic!

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    I agree with the above statements.  kahoot should allow sharing of students under the age of 13 with their teachers so we can help edit their work and share it with others who would use the kahoot.

    It is very disappointing to younger students who love the kahoot product and want to share their work with the teachers and classmates.



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    I have an autistic student that just turned 13 and had a behavior break because he can’t access his Kahoot. How about making the age restriction 16 years worldwide.

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    What is the point of allowing students to make accounts if they can't do ANYTHING with their Kahoots except make them? Why would they even be allowed to make Kahoot quizzes? I would even be happy to be a verifying email for my students if that is required, but what should they do with their Kahoot accounts except play the games? 

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    Has nothing been done about this issue ? 

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    Not allowing kids to share with their parents is also a problem. Needing to login as the child to see their work is ridiculous.

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    I like how everyone who argues here are children and act like parents.

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    It's really annoying and I want to delete the account and I can't just because its a child account

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    Especially during this COVID crisis, it would be nice if students could post the kahoots they are making on our online classrooms so that they could play each others' games. 

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    I completely agree with above statements regarding linking to a teacher account. I just had an assignment for students to study habitats and then create Kahoots about them... but they can't share their work with me! 

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    I agree as well. I like them to make a Kahoot about a certain topic, and then quizz with the whole class. Now they have to send me pictures of their questions so that I can re-make the kahoot and actually use it. Very annoying and takes up too much time.

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    I think Kahoot should make it much clearer about this sharing rule. My students can't share the Kahoot with me (their teacher) and it is extremely frustrating. 

    There should be a way the students can share their Kahoot with a teacher or guardian.

    It is also a shame that Kahoot doesn't respond to these comments people have made.

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    Same here. Very frustrating for the students and for me. 

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    As a teacher I want to be able to use the Kahoot my students have created and also have the report for evaluation. Can't emails of students be linked to a teacher account? If not it really should be modified so I could access my student's Kahoot.  


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    Agree with everyone here - same issue! Especially now with remote learning. Fix this Kahoot!!! 

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    I am experiencing the same problem as everyone above.
    My students have created their own Kahoot's as part of an assignment and their peers cannot access them. 

    I really think an update needs to be made regarding sharing permissions on created Kahoot's of users under 16. 

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