How do I test for connectivity issues?

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    I am not having any connectivity issues with the internet in general, but for some reason my students who are trying to join are getting an error code saying they are disconnected. It works if I send as a challenge, but as challenges are only available on smart devices I have some students who cannot complete the assignment because they only have the school-provided Chromebooks! I don't use Kahoot very often but this has been a nightmare of a day for it.

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    Hi jkrasuski!

    Unfortunately, we can't tell on our end with 100% certainty what the issue is. But our support team has helped several teachers and IT admins in your exact situation troubleshoot this issue.

    The fact that their screens indicate they were disconnected suggests that they were connected at least briefly. As mentioned in the part about proxy servers, live games rely on something called "websockets" to keep all devices in sync. Challenges don't require websockets since gameplay is self-paced (hence why students don't have this issue with challenges).

    When your students attempt to join a live game, something with your school's network security is likely not allowing websockets connections to stay active for longer than a short instance. This is usually related to some sort of proxy'd network security service. Your school IT should be able to resolve things by adjusting security settings aligned with the above advice about proxy servers. The problematic service on their end may not be expressly called a "proxy server". But it is likely some sort of network security suite that monitors and logs student internet traffic.

    Also, you mentioned that your students use Chromebooks. If these Chromebooks are capable of accessing the Google Play Store, then our mobile app can be downloaded and used on them!

    Also, we're hoping to have some good news before end of year about the playability of challenges on non-mobile devices. Keep an eye out for news in our blog about this.

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    I am having an issue as well today (11/15). I have tried to connect with our ChromeBooks and on our cell phones (using a cell signal, not the school wifi), and we are able to put in the game pin and our names, and then we get disconnected. 

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    Hi worldhistory!

    Since you can access things like just fine, it doesn't sound like your network is blocking our URLs. But again, something on the network is disrupting websockets activity and the likely culprit is a network security suite that monitors and logs internet traffic. Your school IT should know what service is used on your network for such purposes be able to resolve things with the above advice about proxy servers.

    I know you mentioned use of cell signal. But if the hosting device was on the school network, then the websockets failure may have been on that device's end (not student devices trying to join). The solution would still be to ask your IT to review the part of the above article about proxies.

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    Recently I have been having several issues with Kahoot in class using the classic kids are getting kicked out halfway thru the game.....another seems to be a lag between what is happening on my computer/the big screen and their devices.......their devices say theyve run out of time to answer a question, but their is still time on the clock. Their devices tend to hang. Using their own cell phone provider is not really an option for us because the structure of our building prevents reception in the area im in. We use a LAN/WIFI protal in the classroom. My device running the game has a landline...once in a while their is a lag for me, but it seems to happen to portable devices more frequently. I have sent the link of this page to our District IP guys

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    We have had two Quizzes now where 30-35% of our participants have been kicked out of the or App. We have approximately 190 participants and we have some short breaks in between. It appears that after a certain amount of time, they're getting kicked out. How can we prevent this from happening? Is it because it goes over a certain amount of time? Too long a break in between rounds? Or is it server overload on your end? Thanks for the help!

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