What languages does Kahoot! support?

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    can i put 2 language in 1 question?

    for example upper phase for english and mandarin below it.

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    I think multiple Interface languages could be an appreciated premium feature. I use Kahoot a lot in my work and it would be good when students make their own questions to have the Interface in their native language.

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    I think it is a pitty that you can't change the interface language to the native language. Now students are faced with English text when a true/false question is asked. One can think this is no big issue, but on the other hand we expect correct usage of the native language.

    I will be glad to help you (Kahoot!) with a Dutch interface.

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    As a RTL language native speaker (Hebrew) i feel that we are really left out in the world wide web.

    Because the alternative RTL instructions is really frustrating, and because teachers in my med-school really struggle with that situation, me and my friend wrote a chrome extension that's adds CSS RTL attributes automatically and fix the problem for us. of crourse you can also shut this off in one click.

    In the link you could also see 10sec video example. I encourage you to add it to your blog!


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    Kahoot en ESPAÑOL 🇪🇸

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    I would like to have two students play against eachother, both with their own set of questions, as they are in different classes.

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