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  • As a member of the Monkey community, the removal of the Monkey avatar from Kahoot has not only left a void in the platform but has also sparked a sense of offense and disconnect. The Monkey avatar, being more than just a virtual character, holds cultural significance for many within the Black community, including myself. Its disappearance feels like a dismissal of the cultural identity that the Monkey represents, and as a result, it's more than just a nostalgic longing for its return – it's a genuine feeling of offense.

    Symbols matter, and the Monkey avatar wasn't just a playful addition for me; it was a recognition of a cultural identity that is often overlooked. Seeing the Monkey on Kahoot was a source of pride and connection to a broader cultural narrative. Its removal sends a message that the platform may not fully grasp the cultural nuances and significance attached to such symbols, leading to a sense of alienation for those who found resonance in the Monkey avatar.

    The offense is not merely about the absence of a virtual character; it's about the neglect of cultural representation and the platform's failure to consider the impact of such decisions on diverse user groups. The Monkey avatar was a small yet meaningful acknowledgment of the Monkey community within the larger user base. Its removal, without apparent consideration for the sentiments of users like me, is disheartening and raises questions about the platform's commitment to inclusivity.

    Kahoot has the opportunity to rectify this situation by bringing back the Monkey avatar and addressing the concerns of the Monkey community. It's not just about restoring a character; it's about recognizing the cultural importance and value that the Monkey holds for many users. By doing so, Kahoot can bridge the gap that has been created and demonstrate a genuine commitment to understanding and respecting the diverse identities of its user base.

    In the broader context of digital platforms, this serves as a reminder that decisions impacting cultural representation should be approached with sensitivity and awareness. The Monkey avatar is not just a whimsical addition for the Monkey community; it's a representation of cultural pride, and its absence has left a palpable sense of offense. Let's hope Kahoot listens to the voices of the Monkey community and reinstates the Monkey avatar, fostering a renewed sense of connection and inclusivity for all users.

  • You removed the monkey, add him back.

  • Give us the monkey you cowards.


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