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    Give direct instruction on how to embed a video on an Ipad.  I still cannot get any videos to play in my classroom.  It works on a Chromebook or Dell but not an Ipad.  

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    How can I get a cover video, or a video in the lobby? Your article says "When editing your kahoot’s summary, simply paste a YouTube link into the Lobby video field" but there is no Lobby video field.

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    Did you get rid of the lobby videos? I was creating a quiz and now there's no space to paste the YouTube link.

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    When you put in the link of the video into your lobby, it wont work or start when I play it. It just goes straight to normal music instead of custom. Im reporting this as a glitch and needs to be fixed now.

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    Same here! It doesn't work! Video is embedded correctly (pretty sure) but will not play.

    Just went to Premium and the result is this very frustrating fact. Please fix. Why go to Premium if the result is worse than before (a kahoot without the lobby video is a big step back).

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    Yep - same issue here. I embed the video from Youtube ( in the lobby video but it does not play back. Maybe somebody could respond to the comments left on this page? 

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    I've been experiencing the same issue (correctly pasting the YouTube URL, but Kahoot defaulting to standard lobby music with no video) since December 2019.  Would love to see this fixed as it helps set the tone for Kahoots in my class. Thanks!

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    Like most of the other comment here, youtube no longer works in the lobby. Are we no longer able to link videos with sound for the lobby? My students loved this feature, really upsetting that it no longer works.

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    One of the reasons that I paid for the Premium Acct. was so that I could embed the lobby video.  Please get this straight so that I can add them again.  My students really enjoy them, as do I! If this has been taken away, I would like to be refunded the money I paid for the premium acct. 

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    The videos in the lobby no longer work, would be nice if Kahoot could address the issue or explain why

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    Hi all,

    My sincere apologies. I've been investigating reports like this since last week. I'm not 100% sure I have a conclusive answer for everyone yet. But ultimately, I am not having such issues on my end. I've tested with multiple accounts and subscriptions. Embedding YouTube videos appears to be a functioning basic-tier feature.

    But something I did notice is that we don't support or links. For example, you can't embed, but you can embed So just make sure that your video links include the full, original domain ( and not one of their mobile or shortened domains.

    I've made our team aware of this issue in hopes that we can eventually add support for these other YouTube domains. I believe doing so would make things easier, as YouTube's mobile app doesn't make it easy to locate the link. Even on, the "share" button will give you a link. The full link is only accessible in your web browser's address field, which might not be the most intuitive link for many to copy over.

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    Full video links from YouTube still don't work for the lobby music.  Can someone continue investigating this glitch?

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    Hi Runner4991,

    Thanks for letting us know. Our developers are on the case.

    Here are a few questions that would help us understand this better:

    • You save a YouTube link in the "Lobby video" field and then try to play a live game... What do you see on the lobby screen? Are you seeing any error message?
    • What web browser are you using? Also, what version number?
    • What operating system are you using?
    • What continent/country are you in?

    If anyone having this issue can answer these, that would help greatly. The more people, the better.

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    I am also having an issue getting Youtube videos to play in the lobby.

    1. The link I am using is
    2. There is no error message, it's just the classic blue screen and classic lobby music that plays
    3. I am using Chrome browser, Chrome 79 on ChromeOS 12607
    4. The operating system I am using is Chrome OS 
    5. I am in North America, United States 


    Edit: When I returned home and checked the kahoot on a different computer, the lobby video DID work. The only difference is that my home computer uses Windows 10 as an operating system. Could it be a Chrome OS thing?

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    I am having the same exact issue with the lobby video not playing. 

    1. This is the link I am using:

    2. There is no error message that shows. The original music just plays. 

    3. I am using Google Chrome Version 79.0.3945.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    4. My Operating System is Windows 10 Pro

    5. I am in the U.S.

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    I am having this issue with one of my computers. All other devices I have checked are currently working (I have checked my personal desktop at home and with other teachers and theirs are working just fine)

    Info for the working system:

    Browser: Google Chrome Version 79.0.3945.117 and it works fine

    OS: Windows 7 Enterprise

    Info for system not working:

    Browser: Google Chrome Version 79.0.3945.130

    OS: Windows 10 Enterprise

    Country: USA


    Thank you for the assistance!

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    Hi Bryan:  The issue is the the videos used to work in the Lobby and now they do not. Nothing changed from my end (using an old Kahoot that had a video that worked previously on the same computer) so it must be an issue with Kahoot. Thanks for fixing this issue asap.


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    Hi all,

    Thanks so much for your continued feedback on this. Unfortunately, it looks like this stems from a policy change most major browsers are putting into effect. Most are now preventing video autoplay as a security measure.

    We're working on a fix. In the meantime, you may be able to adjust your browser's autoplay policy. Here are links on how to do this with major browsers:

    One note about Chrome: It doesn't appear that there's currently a feasible way to adjust the autoplay policy on computers and iPhones/iPads. Their help article only shows an autoplay toggle for "Media" on Android devices. On computers, you should be able to toggle this at chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy (according to their developer guide), but the "autoplay policy" toggle they suggest is there doesn't exist right now. We can't be sure if they're going to re-implement this or not, so we'll assume "not" and work on a fix accordingly. We hope to have a fix live in a few weeks.

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    Hey Bryan, any updates yet? It is strange, some computers in the school i work at allow the lobby video to play, while some computers go straight to the default music. I have tried to look into the autoplay policy thing to no avail.  

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    Still not resolved. I have tried using different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, IE 10) and also ensure that the full address from Youtube is used. Still not playing. Maybe it is because I am based in Russia?

    I am trying to update Chrome's autoplay policy but on following the instructions I cannot find the appropriate permissions (see attached a screen shot from both the create.kahoot page and play.kahoot)

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    Hi all!

    Good news: In the top right of the lobby screen, there should now be a play/pause button.

    If a lobby video doesn't automatically play due to your browser's autoplay policy, you can click anywhere on the video to get it going. After that, you can use the play button to start/stop the video as needed.

    Some browsers like Chrome employ machine-learning (Chrome's is called MEI, or Media Engagement Index) that analyzes your media activity on different websites. By manually playing media on our website, you may eventually persuade your browser's autoplay policy to allow autoplay.

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    I used to run Kahoots using a PC. Bought and Android tablet last week just to find out that Kahoots with Youtube videos do not play them automatically and require me to run the videos by clicking them. After a few hours of googling I found out it's probably not your fault or thing to sort out, and it seems there is no way of making it work since Chrome does not allow me to create an exception to run videos from certain sources automatically... but how about your app? Does it cooperate w/ Chrome as well, or is the problem somewhere else?


    Edit: I'm afraid the MEI only applies to desktop computers - not much to do with tablet versions of the browser. Even when I installed Mozzila just to try it, it seems everything in the device is operated by Chrome first, therefore the video autostart doesn't get through..

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    Hi Shtefix!

    If you're on an Android tablet, I think the guidance here may help.

    In particular, you should be able to update the "Media" permission (step 4) to autoplay.

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    Naah, already allowed that, turned off data saver, yet the videos keep waiting for me to run them - because the videos are not muted (I use kahoot to present various musical instrument sounds or classical melodies). Pretty inconvenient :/ Have you tried hosting a game via videos from an android tablet? I suppose it's not a common thing to do..

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    My school's Chromebooks have youtube blocked. Is there no way to embed a video from Google Drive?

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    Hello Just here to ask about the update of the video player for the lobby. I have used Kahoot for a long time to create fun and academic quizzes for class and clubs. Recently though I've been having trouble getting videos to play in the lobby. I love the update of new music and the play/stop button but whenever I test my Kahoot, the video player runs and then stops completely. I have tried fixing this with the play button but it won't play. 

    I use google chrome 

    I have windows 10 

    I work from my Surface Pro 6 

    I have also embedded the whole youtube link not just the shorter version. 

    I hope this problem is fixed soon. I have used Kahoot for years and before my videos would always start automatically playing. It's frustrating when something that has worked in the past is not working now. 

    Thank you  

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    Buenos días.
    He creado un kahoot con un vídeo que deben ver previamente a responder las preguntas. Si entran desde la App con el pin pueden ver el vídeo son problema, pero si entran por el enlace es imposible verlo
    ¿Pueden ayudarme por favor? Gracias

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    The issue I'm having is that the lobby video starts playing in the middle of the video, even though I made sure to paste the Youtube link to not include timestamps in it. I even tested by including a timecode for starting at one second and it still started in the middle of the video! Why is this happening?

    I am using a chrome browser if that matters

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