How to update Kahoot! account


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    I want to pay for the year ie renew my account but I cant find anywhere on the account to do this! Brendan Wright

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    I wish to renew my account but I can't find where to do this.

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    I have contacted support 3 times to try to change my account over how can I change this quickly?


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    It charged my card and I did not authorize it.

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    💡 If you've already subscribed to one of our annual or monthly plans and you haven't canceled, your subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the billing cycle. As long as your payment details on file are updated, there's no action required on your end. You can see how to update your payment details here

     💡 If you're looking to start a new subscription, you can find the pricing pages where you can do that below (select the one that matches your account type):

    💡 If you have already been billed and you need help, contact our support team via this form.

    💡 You can learn how to check and change your account type in this article: How to change account type

    If you're not able to change your account type in the account settings and our support team was not able to amend it, it may mean that your usage indicates that your account type is already correct or you do not qualify for the account type you're requesting.


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