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    How to get the question

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    This does not help for business.  It says that I can send a link to others within my company, but the link is not provided. 

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    We’re working with iPads in school. Is there any possibility to share a Kahoot! quickly on Apple classroom or padlet?

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    The share pop up does not show for me. Instead, I'm directed straight to copy link.


    Using Kahoot app on Android. 

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    Can I use Kahoot inside a PowerPoint presentation?

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    Something is different with the sharing link this year on Kahoot. In the past, when I would share the link with my students on Google Classroom, it would lead them to a site where they could play a Kahoot review game without having to enter a code. When I share the Kahoot with my students this year, it does not lead them to a review game at all. They are directed to my I have tried both creating an assignment through Google Classroom and copying the link to share through Google Classroom. When they click on play the game the join code pops up on the screen waiting for players to join. The other thing that is visible is just a list of the questions with the option to hide or show all answers, not in game form at all. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if there is some other issue, but I would like to be able to share my Kahoot with my students so that they can use them as study aids. I feel that a good way to do this is if the Kahoot is in game form so that they have to choose the answer they feel is the correct answer, and test themselves to see how well they understand the concept. Thank you so much for you help with this matter. I have enjoyed using this resource with my students, and hope to continue to be able to use it in a beneficial manor.  

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    In response to the above comment, I was also having the same problem.  I looked around on the site and found the "challenge" button listed beside the "play" button on my Kahoot.  If you choose "challenge", it will send the game pin to your students through Remind or Google Classroom and they can put in the game pin using the app on their phones.  I tried it at home as a student and it worked perfect.  I hope this helps you!

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    Previously I would offer extra credit to students for creating Kahoots and sharing them with me to play as a class, are they no longer able to do this?  Now they have created the Kahoots and shared the link with me but I am unable to access them.  

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    I had this very same problem this year, very frustrating. You have to share the Kahoot using the challenge option now, Kahoot changed the format. When you click on the challenge, you have the option to copy the link to share with your students. I hope this information helps. 

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    Very frustrated!  I like to challenge my students will review kahoot games!  However, when I challenge my students with the copied link it takes them to the page that they are required to download the app in order to play. And even then you can only download the app off of a smartphone! Have I set up something wrong?  

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    Same complaint as above. I used to be able to share the Kahoot link and it would take the students to a playable version, but now it brings them to the editor where they can view all of the answers. The "Challenge" option is too complicated for my needs and I do not like that it requires students to download the app. Very disappointed.

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    Please bring back the old playable link. Frustration with not being able to still use this option as conveniently as before has led me to searching other solutions from other developers. I loved KAHOOT, but the old playable link was a big part of it. I am looking for somewhere that offers something similar and will migrate to that platform when I find it.

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    Hi, I would like to be able to edit the Kahoots created by my students, so these are revised before being presented in class. If my students share their quizzes with my, will I be able to do this? Also, will I be able to share the link of the revised Kahoots with the rest of the students and play it both live and as a challenge out of the class? Many thanks!

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    Hi again, I had the same problem as described above. When I click on a link to play a game, it leads me to the editing interface which has the questions and answers to the game, and then the users will have to click "play".  Will this be fixed? If the students see the answers, there is no game.

    In addition, in this new version, do the students need to have an account or download the app in order to play? 

    I am using Kahoot! as part of a compulsory assignment this year and I hope that it works as good as before.

    Many thanks!


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    Does it have to be a finished kahoot because i want to work on one with my friend

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    I have two accounts. How can I combine them into one? Sharing is not an option for me because I have too many games in my old account. 

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    Not a fan of sharing the link, and require the students to download the app. These students all have chromebooks, why do they need to install the app on their personal phones?

    This is super frustrating because you have the option of directly sharing the kahoot to Google Classroom, yet they are required to download the app.

    Please make it shareable within the website or Google classroom. Some students don't have phones.

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    I created a Kahoot on the company account and would like to copy it to my private space (My kahoots)... Anybody can help???


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    I'm having my students create their own Kahoots and then post a link to theirs on a Google Doc. However, when the kids click on the link to play someone else's it asks for a game code. The game code changes every time, so there's no way for the kids to play. Can this please be changed? Otherwise, I'll just use Quizizz instead of Kahoot. 

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    Hi all!

    It looks like there's a bit of confusion and frustration around sharing. I've read over the prior comments, composed a list of what I believe are all the questions needing answers, and will attempt to answer them all fully and simply below.

    There’s no link when I try to share with others in my company, why?

    • Kahoots in a team space cannot be shared in the manners listed in this article. They have added layers of security to prevent potential sharing of team content with others outside of the organization. Instead, you must enter the email of each individual you want to share the kahoot with. The emails must belong to a member of your team space. They will be emailed a link to your kahoot. To share a link with others who aren't in your team space, the kahoot must be in your personal/private space.

    How do I move a kahoot I made from my team space to my private space?

    Can we share quickly to Apple classroom or padlet?

    • We don't have a direct integration with them. But you should be able to post a shareable link anywhere. Instead of using a share link like described in this article, I recommend assigning a challenge. Challenges can now be played at (mobile app is no longer required). The sharing methods described in this article are intended for allowing others to host your own public or private kahoots. A challenge is intended to let others play your kahoot.

    I’m not seeing any share options, why?

    • Child account holders cannot share kahoots or have kahoots shared to them. A big concern for any website that allows children to access their services is what sort of content or privacy risks they may be exposed to. We address these concerns by preventing direct sharing of content with/by children. Child account holders are considered anyone based in the U.S. that's under age 13, or anyone outside the U.S. that's under age 16.

    Can I host a Kahoot! live game inside a PowerPoint presentation?

    • There are 3rd party add-ons that allow hosting of web pages inside a PowerPoint slide. We've not tested these with our services and cannot attest to their quality. But such a tool would be needed for this. We intend to work on a PowerPoint integration in the future.

    Share links take people to a page that shows all questions and answers, why?

    • Share links, as described in this article, are intended for you to easily get other people "host" your kahoot (not play). Particularly in school or training settings, it's important that content is vetted by the teacher/trainer for accuracy and appropriateness before using presenting that content to students/trainees. If you would instead prefer to conduct a remote training, please use our challenge feature (mobile app no longer required).

    How can students create and share kahoots with me or other classmates? How can I review/revise student kahoots before they’re shared with others?

    • Students who are in the U.S. and are 13 or older, or outside the U.S. and are 16 or older, can create and share kahoots much like a teacher can. The only limitation is that they don't have access to any premium/paid features (they can't add slides or puzzles to their games, for example). So the information in this article should work fine for them.
    • Students in the U.S. who are under age 13, or outside the U.S. who are under age 16, cannot share. The best option here is to avoid young students creating with a Kahoot! account. Instead, use the spreadsheet import feature that you can locate in your own account. Download and share the spreadsheet template with students. They can fill it out and you can upload it to a kahoot on your account where you can review and make any final edits necessary.

    We can only share with students via challenges, which requires the mobile app. This doesn’t work. Is there another solution?

    • Please give our challenge feature another try, as we now support playing challenges at (no mobile app required).

    Can I create a kahoot together with a friend?

    • We offer paid subscription options that allow teachers and trainers/presenters to collaborate in a secure team space. Kahoots stored in a team space can be edited by other members of that team space. You can find out more about pad subscriptions at

    How do I combine two accounts into one?

    • There isn't a way to combine accounts. But if you want to keep your old account and perhaps just make a few tweaks to your profile data so that you can continue to use it, please contact our support team and we'll be happy to see what's possible.
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    I am trying to share a Kahoot with my students so they can practice at home. When they click the link, they can also have access to the answers before even start playing it. How can I share a Kahoot game without the student having previous access to the list of questions?

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    My kahoot will only safe as draft unless I pay for it but I've heard it's free for teachers

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    I CANT DO IT!!!!!!

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    i cant do it     its unusefull like this and no offense

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    Why isn't the challenge button showing on my account? I can't play in real time with my students. They aren't in my classroom any longer. They are not online with me all at the same time. I need this feature.

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    I was having similar problems to many above, kids were being prompted for the apps and I did not have a bypass. Turns out I could skip that if I did not choose personalized learning toggle. Back to being able to share in my google classroom without the app. Yes!

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    Hi guys

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