How to change Kahoot! account type


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    The fact that you guys don't specifically state that Other is the Business option just screws everyone up, I know that you edited this because you screwed melenia people up, now MAKE IT AN OPTION TO CHANGE OUT OF BUSINESS OR I WILL SUE YOU FROM BODY CORP AMERICA.

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    Thank you for your valuable feedback @Shadowbonnie23111. The feedback will be passed on to our product team.
    In the meantime, if you feel you've selected an incorrect type upon account creation and you cannot change it in the settings, you can contact our Support Team and ask for help. Make sure to provide the email tied to your account and include:

    • the reason why you need to change the account/workplace type,
    • the context in which you're using Kahoot!,
    • the name of your companyschoolinstitution (if applicable),
    • the age of your audience (if you're a teacher).

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