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    how do u make a kahoot

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    It doesn't show the blue box at the bottom to combine the Kahoots.

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    How do you put in four answer choices?


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    can you send me a link to the disco in the background

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    That was 'so' helpfull

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    This isnt about how useful the article was...but something I see in the article itself...and I've been trying to track down without success. I see a thumbnail for a video called "How to watch first, answer questions later" from KahootSupport (purple). But I've searched your youtube channel and the kahoot site itself and can't find it? I teach English in Japan and I think my students would really benefit from such a feature where the timer could be initiated after they've had more wait / think time to discuss and I feel they're ready for the timer to start? Is this possible?

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    Hi srasearis!

    I believe I know what you're referring to. "How to watch first, answer questions later" is a Kahoot! game I made about 3 years ago. The short of it is that you embed a YouTube video in a quiz question, disable points, set all answer options as correct, and use answer options to poll comprehension (like "I got it!" and "That didn't make sense."). This allows you to watch a video before answering an actual quiz question.

    This method is outdated since we now have multiple types of questions you can add in a single game. We also introduced info slides, which allow you to upload an image or embed a YouTube video without having to fill in answer options. You can learn about question types here.

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    how many question I can ask on kahoot?

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    i did not get the video  

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    i am so happy i love yall i will need yall mroe

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    The character limit number needs to be expanded or go away. It is really frustrating when making a kahoot. I am a student, so I make a kahoot for myself and nobody else, You cant always fit an answer in 75 characters. Ridiculous 

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    Can you add points from the participants in the last kahoot game to the new one? So we can see how many points they have after more games. 

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    how do I make a Kahoot please comment down below if you know

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    how do i start to create a kahoot?

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    hoe moet ik een quiz maken


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    gray1317696, lillianbow0609, and anyone else asking how to create a kahoot, 

    It already says,

    Create a new kahoot

    To create a kahoot from scratch, click the “create” button in the top navigation bar.


    This will open the kahoot creator where you can adjust kahoot settings and add questions.

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    How do I Play A Kahoot I made do we need to have a teachers account

    Or buy something?


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    yes this was so helpful

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    this was sooooooooooooo darn helpful

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